Crime Myths

Go to Google News: 2) In the search bar on this page, type in terms like “Crime Myths,” “Crime Policy,” “Criminal Justice Myths,” or “Criminal Justice Reform” 3) Look through the search results and find a news media story/article that you relates to our class and that you find interesting. 4) The news story you select cannot be older than January 1, 2012.
ours or, er published! Hurry up to take it!
5 ) Once you have selected a story, complete the following written assignment. News Story Selection Guidance Your selected news story does not need to state directly that it is addressing a crime myth. If it does not, however, you must justify in the reaction
section of your paper how the news story relates to our course. Your selected news story must be taken from the news media. This does not include personal blog sites or other sites that don’t represent themselves as a news source. Assignment Requirements For the assignment, you will need to be prepared to submit: (1) Posting/news story date listed on the website (2) Full news story title (3) URUInternet address where the article can be located
I will click on the web address you provide to read your selected article. Required Written Content
1 ) Write one paragraph (not more) summarizing main points of the news story entirely in your own words.
This means you should not include quotes from text in the news story and do
2) Write at least two paragraphs of your own thoughts or reaction to the news story, as it relates to our course topic and/or specific course material.
Your discussion should explain how the content of the story relates to our course and your personal thoughts and reactions about the news story
Your discussion about the relationship to our course can be very general or it can refer to a specific piece of assigned reading or textbook
chapter. Either approach is acceptable.