Criminal Justice


Imagine you are a criminal defense attorney who is consulting with a new client. This client argues they have a case against a local restaurant for criminal negligence. The client explains that while dining at the restaurant, they observed a waiter step on a sidewalk crack, right before the client left the restaurant. The client then stepped onto the sidewalk where the waiter had just stepped and slipped, breaking his ankle. The client argues that the crime is an intentional assault by superstition (he believes that by stepping on the crack before him, the waiter caused him to fall). Using the seven elements of a crime (corpus delicti), explain to the client if they have a case or not.

In your answer, define each of the seven steps and explain how the client’s version of events either fits or does not fit with the seven elements (steps) needed to define a crime.


Scenario 1: On the street outside a friend’s house, Ray pulls a gun and shoots William. William dies on the scene.

Scenario 2: Johnny approaches a young couple walking back to their car late at night. He pulls out a knife and demands they give him their money and jewelry. After they do so, he runs off.

Scenario 3: After getting into a fender bender, the driver of one of the vehicles, Mary, attacks the other driver, Emma, with a tire iron. Emma suffers injuries to her arms, shoulders, and head.

Scenario 4: Red approaches a convenience store which is closed at the time. He breaks a window by throwing a large rock through it, enters the building, and leaves with food and drinks.

Scenario 5: At a house party, Toni sneaks into a bedroom where the guests’ coats have been left and take $60 from a wallet she finds in one of the jackets.

Scenario 6: Walking down the street on the way to the store, a man he doesn’t know offers to sell Victor marijuana. Victor keeps walking but, on his way back home, the man asks him again. Victor buys some marijuana.


Go to the Library Lib Guide for CJ:

Use one of the listed key websites in the guide to find a statistical source related to your paper topic.

Search for a report published within the past ten years and,

The source focuses on the United States Criminal Justice system.

After you’ve found an appropriate government report (.gov website) or official statistical report, skim through the report and write answers to the following questions. Consider how they connect to your broader paper topic:

What was studied (how many agencies, crimes, people, etc.)?

How long or over what period was the data collected?

Where was the problem or issue studied?

How many data points ( the people, organization, law enforcement agencies, death penalty cases, etc.) were collected? In other words, what did the authors measure and how many “things” were measured?

What are some of the significant findings from the report?

What are the methods that were used to collect the statistics?

Provide an end reference for the government report.

You will need to have the following elements in your citation in the correct APA 6th edition format to earn the full points on this portion of the assignment:

Author name(s) and/or agency names

The year the report was published.

Title of the report

Title of the reporting agency

The NCJ report number (ALL or NCJRS database reports have them usually printed in the top right corner of the PDF. The number begins with the letters “NCJ”).

; The persistent web URL where you can find the report on the web (the web address).

See the Government Report section of this APA guide to cite the materials properly. APA electronic references guide.pdf Preview the document

Below the end reference citation for the report, you will need to write a thorough summary of the information contained in the report (1-3 paragraphs depending on the length of the report).