Criminal Justice in Minorities

A research paper on one of the topics included at the end of this syllabus. The paper should be approximately 11 pages in length, not including the abstract and references page.

For all work, students must use the American Psychological Association Writing Guidelines which are most comprehensively covered in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th. Ed. (preferred). Condensed and simplified versions of the APA formatting and referencing requirements may be found online and in other writing manuals but these are not always accurate. Beware.  

    It is suggested that students use WordPerfect or Word. Students are required to use Times New Roman as the font face for this manuscript in 12 pt size. Students should double-space this submission, as well.
  1. Racial profiling of Middle Eastern Americans
  2. Using local law enforcement for immigration enforcement
  3. Hate crimes against the LGBT community
  4. Disproportionate minority contact in the juvenile justice system
  5. Perceptions of police among African Americans as opposed to Caucasians
  6. Challenges for women in the field of corrections
  7. Recruiting and hiring of minorities into policing
  8. Diversity on the Bench
  9. The graying of the prison population – problems for administrators
  10. Youth culture in 2017 – implications for criminal justice professionals
  11. Law enforcement in Native American tribal jurisdictions
  12. How globalization is affecting policing in the United States
  13. Designing a cultural competence program in a prison
  14. Jury Nullification
    Please select one of these 14 categories listed above to write the paper on. DO NOT select more than one. Please include all sources and references.