Criminal law

Consider the following scenario:
Debbie the defendant walked onto the front patio of Larry’s house and grabbed a laptop that was placed on the patio. Once Debbie left the patio, she went around Larry’s house and saw an open window. Debbie reached into the window and was able to take a digital camera from the bedroom by simply reaching her arms into the house. As Debbie walked from behind the house to leave, she noticed Larry pulling into his driveway. Larry saw Debbie come from behind the house carrying something in her hands, but he wasn’t sure what she had. Larry was unnerved at the idea of someone walking from behind his house, and he called the police. Debbie was charged with robbery, burglary, and theft. For your initial post, address the following: Has Debbie committed the crime of robbery? Burglary? Theft? Do you believe that the elements of all three crimes have been satisfied? Explain the differences between all three crimes and the likelihood of Debbie being convicted of all three crimes.