Critical Analysis

analyse and critically reflect on the required given readings and answer one question for related to those readings. Answer will be counted as 800 words excluding references. You need to mention intext references with page numbers and can use extra sources but the given readings are compulsory.
Required Readings
Bessarab, D. & Crawford, F. 2013. Trauma, grief and loss: the vulnerability of Aboriginal families in the child protection system. In Bennett, B.; Green, S.; Gilbert, S. & Bessarab, D. (eds). Our Voices: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work. Palgrave Macmillan, South Yarra: 230-247.
Kelaher, M., Ferdinand, A. & Paradies, Y. 2014. Experiencing racism in health care: the mental health impacts for Victorian Aboriginal communities. Medical Journal of Australia, 200: 1-4.
Durey, A., Thompson, S. & Wood, M. 2012. Time to bring down the twin towers in poor Aboriginal hospital care: addressing institutional racism and misunderstandings in communication. Internal Medicine Journal. 42 (1): 17-22.
Cass, A, Devitt, J, Preece, C, Cunningham, J, Anderson, K, Snelling, P, Eris, J & Ayanian, J. 2004. ‘Barriers to Access by Indigenous Australians to Kidney Transplantation: The IMPAKT study’, Nephrology. 9 (4): S144-6.
Question- How would you explain the impact of racism as a social determinant of Aboriginal health?