Critical analysis of disaster response

Assessment item 1
Project Definition
Value: 20%
Due date: 31-Mar-2017
Return date: 26-Apr-2017
Length: 2000 words (min approx)
Submission method options
EASTS (online)
You are to describe your selected event ensuring that you:
• clearly identify your selected event and why you have chosen it? (10%)
• give a brief description of the event; (25%)
• list the aim, objectives, authority, scope (by scope we mean the parameters that you have selected in identifying the pre-impact and impact phases of your event), context and relevant history for the pre-impact and impact phase study. Refer to the assignment 2 requirement and guidelines for information on the areas to be addressed in your analysis of the event. (45%)
• provide the sources of information and types of information you will source for your study. (20%)
The following are important considerations to be borne in mind when selecting your emergency/disaster:
• your selection of an event should ensure that it encompasses the three phases of an emergency/disaster. These are the pre-impact, impact and post-impact phases;
• your choice of event is critical, as the pre-impact and impact phase management will not only be analysed in detail for this specific subject, you will also be required to analyse the impact and post-impact phase and a hypothetical re-occurrence of the event today in your future EMG208 subject studies. You therefore you need to select an event that had:
– a multi-organisational response to the event;
– extensive media coverage;
– loss of life/casualties etc.
• your choice of an event should have information that is readily accessible;
• ideally the time period that should be looked at is 1980-2005. Thus, the event should have happened no more than 25 to 30 years ago but at least 3-4 years ago, to ensure all investigations and other enquiries have been completed and there is sufficient information published about your event.
This assignment will enable you to commence your investigations into the emergency operations management of a previous emergency event. The assignment will allow you to clearly identify and describe the selected emergency even, which will form the foundation for your major pre-impact and impact phase project (assignment 2). It will also enable you to define the parameters you will use when investigating the pre-impact and impact phases of your selected event and identify the sources of information that you will use during the investigation of your event.
This assignment identifies the emergency event that will underpin your future investigations regarding the way the pre-impact and impact phases (EMG206 assignment 2) and the impact and post-impact phases (EMG208) were managed.
By successfully completing the assignments within the emergency operations management component of this course you will be better able to understand potential problems that an emergency manager will face when managing the pre-impact, impact and post-impact phases of an emergency event.