Critical Book Review of Craig Martin’s Shipping Container

Book Review of Craig Martin’s Shipping Container
This assignment invites you to complete a short (1200-word) scholarly book review of Craig Martin’s Shipping Container. Please note that scholarly book reviews are much different from film or book reviews that are written for the popular press. We are not concerned here about whether you liked the book or found it entertaining, but rather in your assessment of its argument and contribution to knowledge.
It would be prudent for you, first, to first consult this brief overview of what a scholarly review is all about. Next, you should familiarize yourself with a few examples of recently-published book reviews in academic journals. The Canadian Journal of Communication runs a robust review section, as do journals such as Theory, Culture and Society and Cultural Politics (among many others).
The first thing we will be looking for in evaluating your assignment is that you have put some thought into how to craft your text as a scholarly book review. What I mean is: this is not an opinion piece or an extended yelp review. It’s not a personal reflection. We are not interested in general impressions like how the book made you feel or whether you liked it or not. This is to be a work of critical scholarship. If you are not prepared to put the time, care, and effort in that such a piece of writing requires, you would be better served completing one of the other assignment options this month.
The second and most important criterion we will be using to evaluate your review is the depth and sophistication of your engagement with Martin’s book. Have you read it closely? Do you understand his argument and are you fairly assessing it? Are you paying close attention to such questions as those of method, rigour, theoretical approach, or choice of archival materials? In short: do not simply summarize the book. The best reviews use the text under study as a platform for saying something creative or new. In other words: think with and about the book as a book, not simply as information to be summarized.
Format guidelines: standard 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spaced, including your name and all relevant info as found on the “submission check-list” template (find on cuLearn). Also be sure to include your name in the document file name.
For further grading guidelines, see the general template posted to cuLearn.