Critical Book Review: The beach by Alex Garland

When writing a critical book review you should presuppose that your audience has not read the piece of work you are writing about. Therefore it should contain a short description of the book together with an evaluation and or recommendation to your readers. You can choose to write your review from a particular angle, e.g. focusing on plot, characters, theme or maybe the style used by the author (look at page 112-114 in Progress Gold). Quotes are often valuable in order to support and exemplify your opinions.
In a review you use the present tense when mentioning events from the plot. Look at this example: In Fox Evil, the wife of a wealthy landowner is found dead on the terrace of the manor house in a remote Dorset village. Furthermore, when writing about literature the titles should be in italics. (see above).
You have been asked to contribute with a book review to the magazine -Literature around the World”. Your contribution should contain 700-900 words — otherwise it will not be accepted in the magazine. Your review will be published in the November issue.
You have also been asked to be the copy editor, at the same paper, to read one other review, which is to be handed in to the editor. The article will be mailed to you at the same time as your own article is supposed to be handed in.
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