Critical evaluation of ‘community cohesion’ and ‘integration’ agenda


Instructions: also consider -Critically discuss the turn to ‘community cohesion’ and ‘integration’ within contemporary race relations policy. Questions usually focus on: The origins, development, transformations in phenomena What constitutes the phenomena (i.e. defining characteristics, unpacking the meaning). The relative significance of the phenomena or certain aspects of it Competing explanations/arguments surrounding it Intro: concentrate primarily on community cohesion, what it is, how it emerged. Focus on the critical analysis of community cohesion and the idea of ‘parallel lives’ problem: some ideas that should be discussed: 1. it does not address racism – you should expand on this. What scholars from the key reading say about this? 2. inequality should be addressed first MUST: Your ability to engage with the question. To demonstrate critical insight and understanding through an engagement with theoretical and empirical material. Your ability to structure an argument. To deploy evidence to support the points you make (you will only be making 4-5 key points in each answer)? ****High First Class (75+) Such answers fully answer the question in a coherent manner and can be expected to show excellence with respect to the following criteria: Insight and depth of understanding of the material The exercise of critical judgement along with clarity of analysis and of expression Knowledge of the relevant literature?