Critique marketers’ traditional understanding of consumer needs and wants

Critique marketers’ traditional understanding of consumer needs and wants, and discuss how desire may be a more relevant way to understand
contemporary consumer behaviour.

The essay is to be 2,000 words in length and must contain a reference list of all sources consulted (not included in word length). Marking will be on the
basis of research effort, engagement with appropriate academic literature, content, argument effectiveness and writing style.

-The essay MUST draw on and refer to the course material: this is important. You have studied a course and the essay must reflect your engagement with
and understanding of the course content. The essay will also earn additional credit for referring appropriately to other published academic work. It must
show evidence that you have understood the course material, and also that you can build on the material to develop your own arguments. Arguments must
be logically and clearly expressed and supported with evidence, citations to other work and careful reasoning. The essay must be fully referenced Harvard

– I will be uploading lectures for the course material, and would like this included.