Project description
Summary-Critique Essay
For this essay, you will choose to summarize and critique one article from one of MBUs electronic databases located at < . Ideal databases to use would be Ebscohost, Infotrac, or SIRS Issue Researcher as they carry a wide variety of topics, and most of their articles will be argumentative. As you choose your article, it must be a minimum of two pages, make some sort of argument, and come from one of MBUs databases. If the article does not meet these criteria, the essay will automatically fail. Basically, this essay is just as it sounds because it has two parts: the summary of the article and then your critique of the authors points. When composing this essay, you will need to find several main ideas that the author discusses within his work. Once you have discovered these ideas, you will explain what the author says about those ideas. (This is a more specific summary of the authors points). The next step entails the critique, which explains how and why these points help or hinder the authors overall argument.

Characteristics of a Summary Critique
oSummary of the article (No more than six sentences)
Include authors name and the Title of the Article within first or second sentence of your summary
Give the audience a general idea of what the article is about (key points)
You must identify the authors thesis/main argument
oThesis statement
The purpose of this essay is critique, so your thesis statement must reflect that idea.
Wu presents valid ideas about the Internet but oftentimes fails to explain his ideas.
Roush proves his argument about the Internet.
Body Paragraphs
oTopic Sentence that identifies the critic and the topic
oPresent explain what the author says about each topic and explain how he argues his points
Include Signal Phrases and in-text citations
oCritique or evaluate those ideas (Below you will find several options in which to critique)
Is the tone of the article derogatory, condescending, fair, unbiased, overly positive, or something else?
Does the author use evidence to support his/her claims? Is the evidence sound?
Does the author fully explain and prove his/her ideas?
Does the author ignore, intentionally or unintentionally, some aspect of the issue?
Argument tactics
How is the author making his/her points? (Compare/Contrast, Narrative, etc)
Word Choice
What type of language is the author using? (overly positive or overly negative)
Logic behind idea
Does the authors idea make sense to you?
oSummary and reiteration of thesis: Has the author effectively proven his/her point?
This essay is a formal essay, which means no contractions, no first or second person, and no slang

Q1 and Q2 carry 30 marks each 3&4 carry 20 each.


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