Critiquing a published work using quantitative frame work

Using a named model/framework/approach, critically review a piece of published research (3250 words) GUIDELINES • Several articles has been provided and these are relevant to each discipline. You must choose an article from this bank that relates to your field; for example, Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. • Choose a named model/framework/approach to critiquing research. • Having discussed the reasons behind your choice of critiquing model/framework/approach, use it to write a detailed critical review of your chosen research article. • The introduction to your assignment should first identify and justify your choice of critiquing model/framework/approach and then provide a brief overview of the aims, methods and findings of your article. • The main part of your assignment should provide a detailed critique of your chosen article using the relevant sections/headings of your model/framework and referring to appropriate theory related to best practice in research. Within this you must demonstrate your understanding of fundamental research concepts. • Conclude by discussing how the skills for critically reviewing research will help you in using research findings as a basis for your practice. Aim of the Module The aim of this module is to develop the student’s ability to critically analyse published research and other types of evidence and relate it to practice. Learning Outcomes of the Modul