Cross-cultural communications.

We will focus on cross-cultural communications. What does that mean? if we are talking about biases, prejudice, and stereotype then part of what we look at in this course is how do we manage our individual levels of discrimination. From an individual level, communication is the primary way to do so, how we pick up on concepts and how we address conflict.

You will look at what is communication, what is nonverbal communication, how do you pick up on those non-verbal cues, how do you become more aware and deliberate about the way you communicate and the way it impacts people.

On this discussion post, we are going to make the connection and look at microaggression. You may have heard of this term before. But microaggressions are statements that reflect some of our personal biases, beliefs, generally, it is a statement where there is no intention to offend somebody but there is an inference or implication meaning that does have a negative essence behind it. So, I want us to talk about what we should or should not do about it.

Take a look at this video:

After watching the video think of a statement. A microaggression statement, tell us what that statement is and explain who is the group/person making the statement, the implication of the statement, and describe how the statement is/was hurtful or offensive to you.

Also, what are your thoughts on microaggression, how should we manage them in our society? No right or wrong answer here.