Cryptocurrency and Regulation

There is a structure and article to follow as well as further research to be done in order to adequately answer the questions. Please use OSCOLA( Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities). I am currently studying Law at a British University, so I would the like the writer to use as many British sources and law as possible, I appreciate that the subject matter transcends countries and I am not opposed to using international sources as well. It is unclear how referencing veorks but I would like the paper to be referenced using the OSCOLA method and all sources used should be cited in the footnote. Thank you.
This case study is primarily concerned with cryptocurrency and regulation. Cryptocurrencies have advanced the boundaries of current laves and compelled a changing approach to regulation. Please read the following article: bank-gates
Prepare a 3,000 word report. The report should contain the following: 1. A full description of what is meant by cryptocurrency and the current challenges facing the market, particularly the regulators.

  1. An analysis of the risks posed by using this new form of currency and how these risks may be mitigated.
  2. An investigation and analysis of the issues raised in the article.