CTU Survey

25. Did the admission advisor guarantee or imply academic outcome through statements that indicate a student “will learn”, “gain expertise”? What did the instructor say?

26. What did the advisor say about students getting jobs and did the admission advisor give a placement rate?

27. What did the advisor say about salary and how much the graduate can make in the chosen field?

28. Did the admission advisor suggest independent research when looking for jobs or talk about BLS.gov? What exactly was said?

29. Did the admission advisor say the course would be easy or make claims, promise or imply they are the best of the best? What exactly was said?

30. Did the admission advisor make negative statements about other school or compare a feature of their school as being better than that of another? (If YES) What exactly was said?

31. Did you receive information regarding graduation and/ or employment rates?

32. Did the admission advisor create a false sense of urgency? What exactly as said?

33. (No answer Needed)

34. Did the admission advisor state who accredits the school and if there were any programmatic accreditations? (What was said, be sure to write the accreditation in detail)

35. Did the admission advisor define the difference between national and regional accreditation? (What was said?)

36. Please provide a detail explanation of the information provided about institutional and/or programmatic accreditation(s)?

37. Did the admission advisor make statements related to the quality of accrediting agencies or compare the school’s accreditation to that of another school? What was said?

38. (No answer needed)

39. (No answer need)

40. Did the admission advisor encourage the student to enroll in a program different than the stated interest? What was said?

41. (No answer needed)

42. What did the admission advisor say about the program cost including the cost per credit/quarter hour, total credits in the program, full program cost, and any additional fees that may apply?

43. Did the admission advisor estimate or speculate about program cost reduction that may be available without using appropriate disclaimers? What was said?

44. What program length and pacing options were presented in the interview regarding the program?

45. (No answer needed)

46. (No answer needed)

47. (No answer needed)

48. Did the admission advisor guarantee or imply that credits will transfer to or from another school? What was said?

49. (No answer needed)

50. (No answer needed)

51. Did the admission advisor imply that the type of accreditation a school holds guarantees or ‘help’s the transferability of credits to or from another school?

52. (No answer needed)

53. (No answer needed)

54. (No answer needed)

55. (No answer needed)
56. (No answer needed)

57. (No answer needed)

58. (No answer needed)

59. Did the admission advisor guarantee or imply financial aid eligibility? What was said?

60. What was said about financial aid and financial aid eligibility?

61. (No answer needed)

62. (No answer needed)

63. (No answer needed)

64. (No answer needed)

65. (No answer needed)

66. (No answer needed)

67. (No answer needed)

68. How did you tell the admission advisor you would complete the application on your own?

69. Did the admission advisor read the student disclosure statement (No promises can be made about the transfer of credit, employment an/ or salary. The school reserves the right to make changes to tuition and fees, etc.)