Cultural Aspects of Food

Team Presentation Proposal: Kosher Law
Team Members: 1. Sam Devine
2. Mikie Glass 3. Sebastian Sanchez 4. Omar Aldosary 5. Rachel Dutson What topic(s) covered in class can be tied to the team presentation? Cultural capital and Food, Class, and Health.
What research/resource materials can be applied to this? 1.Rabbis in local synagogues such as Kol Ami 2. Regenstein, J.M. (2003) The Kosher and Halal Food Laws. retrieved from 3.The Jewish Community Center 4.Google scholar articles like THE JEWISH DIETARY LAWS AND THEIR FOUNDATION (1994 Third Year Paper)
Key points to cover in presentation: 1.What is Kosher Law 2. What foods are/aren’t Kosher 3. History/religious background 4. Potential health benefits of eating kosher foods