Cultural Competence with Hispanic Populations

Cultural Competence with Hispanic Populations
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There are several purposes for this assignment.The first purpose is to increase your knowledge about how to work in a culturally competent manner with children and families who are Hispanic.The second purpose is to increase your critical thinking skills.The third purpose is to introduce you to some important scholarly journals in social work as well as the fields in which social work is commonly engaged. Your paper should be 4 pages long excluding the title and reference pages.

Steps for writing this paper

?Conduct a literature search to find articles about how social work serves Hispanic or Latino clients. Choose five articles that discuss culturally competent practices for working with Hispanic clients Thoroughly describe the culturally competent social work practices for working with the Hispanic population that are identified in the articles or are implied by the articles.
?Provide a rationale/explanation about why the social work intervention (practice) you have identified is appropriate given particular cultural or ethnic characteristics of Hispanic clients.
?Reflect and write a few paragraphs on the knowledge and insight you gained from completing this assignment. Discuss how you feel, what you think, how you react to the notion of serving Hispanic children and families in the area of social work you identified in the paper. Be descriptive.