Cultural Immersion Project

1. Describe a typical family composition within your culture (size, relationships among relatives).
2. What are the authority structure and the roles of family members in this culture?
3. What is the nature of male/female relationships within this culture?
4. How are the elderly perceived?
5. What are the attitudes toward marriage and family life?
6. How are children viewed in this culture? Their roles?
7. What are the common attitudes toward work and career? Is there a pattern to career choices?
8. What are prevalent attitudes toward education?
9. What role does religion play in the culture?
10. What are the intergenerational issues of families in this culture?
11. Discuss adjustments to living in the U.S. and differences for 1st, 2nd and subsequent generations.
12. What are the cultural strengths for coping and adjusting in the past? In the present?
13. How are conflicts and disagreements resolved between members of the culture?
14. What other cultural groups are least & most respected? Why?
15. What thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and/or values are most important to this culture?
16. What historical dates, beliefs, attitudes are most important in this culture?
17. Are bi-ethnic, biracial, bi-religious marriages/partnerships common? How are such relationships viewed?
18. Is there another culture that they always seem to have difficult with? What is the nature of the difficulty?
19. Are there ways this culture is discriminated against? What ways? Have they had such experiences?
20. How does this culture group define success?