Culture and Ethnic Studies;Asia-North Korea

Take on the role of a United States diplomat to China. After completed this week’s readings, you are aware that China is intricately connected to North Korea and the United States in this standoff. Consider the role of China in the continued stabilization of North Korea. Given their close geographic proximity, the influence of Communism in their governance, their shared Confucian culture, and their long relationship as allies and trade partners; if you were a U.S. diplomat to China and were asked to provide foreign policy advice to their regime, how would you advise the Chinese to advise the North Koreans? Got that? How would you, an American diplomat to China, advise the Chinese to act with their North Korean allies? Should they, North Korea, abandon their nuclear ambitions? Why? Should the Chinese sow the seeds of rebellion to topple Kim Jung-Un? Should they; North Korea, continue to test weapons and make unsubstantiated threats at the United States and their allies and use these threats as a means to receiving humanitarian aid and assistance? Make your policy recommendations and be sure to explain your rationale in a 500-word response.