Culture-Bound Syndromes and the DSM-V

Analyze perspectives on psychological disorders across cultures. What are the similarities and differences between how culture-bound syndromes and the DSM-V look at psychological behavior? Support your diagnosis and analysis with specific references to the DSM-V, the Learning Resources, and any additional research you used.

Culture-Bound Syndrome
Culture-Bound Syndrome Behaviors
Possible DSM Diagnosis
DSM Behaviors (Criteria)
Rationale for DSM diagnosis

To prepare:
• Review Chapter 9 in your course text, with particular attention to the sections on cultural syndromes and DSM-V.
• Review Table 9.1, “Specific Cultural Syndromes,” in the course text (pp. 259–261). There are 21 cultural disorders identified. Select seven cultural syndromes as the focus of your Assignment .
• Review the DMS-V chapter on Cultural Formation and the Appendix, “Glossary of Cultural Concepts of Distress,” in the Week 6 Learning Resources. Note that multiple potential diagnoses are listed for some syndromes, but you will need to select and defend one diagnosis.
• Explore the entire DSM-V, also provided in your Week 6 Learning Resources. Consider how the cultural syndromes you selected may be diagnosed when applying the DSM-V criteria.
• Access the Handout Worksheet in the Learning Resources. You will use it to complete your Assignment.
By Day 7
Submit a completed worksheet with information on seven cultural syndromes of your choice.
In the designated rows of the worksheet, provide the following for each of your selected cultural syndromes:
• Identify the name of the cultural syndrome.
• Describe the main symptoms and behaviors of the cultural syndrome.
• Identify the DSM-V disorder that you believe is a possible diagnosis of the cultural syndrome.
• List key symptoms and behaviors related to the chosen DSM-V diagnosis that also relate to the cultural syndrome.
• Provide a brief explanation of your choice of the DSM-V disorder and how you see it connecting to the cultural syndrome.
Note: Support the responses within your Assignment with evidence from the assigned Learning Resources. Provide a reference list for resources you used for this Assignment.