Cultures of Spain

Cultures of Spain
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Using the source: Williams, M. (2009). The Story of Spain. San Mateo, CA: Golden Era Books.
Answer the following questions. At least four sentences for each question. Use question as a heading.

1. Other than Castellano (Spanish), what three languages are spoken in Spain?

2. After nearly eight centuries of Moorish rule, what factors contributed to the downfall of their empire?

3. Describe the Reconquest. How long did it last? Where did it start and where did it finish?

4. What is the importance of Isabel’s marriage to Ferdinand? In other words, had she chosen to marry Alfonso X, how might Spain’s history have turned out entirely differently?

5. Why were King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella called the Catholic Kings?

6. Regarding their religion, what two options were given to Moors and Jews during the Reconquest?

7. Cite three reasons for Spain’s economic plight toward the end of the sixteenth century.

8. While many parts of Europe were experiencing intellectual growth and welcoming the cultures of other counties, Spain was suffering from a general lack of progress and modernization. Why