Curatorial art

Curatorial art

Pretend you’re a curator for your own exhibition

The catalogue essay is a detailed description of the works, their meanings and influences their relation to a set theme or set of keywords. Keep it formal, as it’s in the catalogue people would be reading if they were at the exhibition

Sexuality, sensuality, time& space &POWER?

Throughout the ages, a woman’s body has been portrayed as an object of aesthetic interest, its portrayal reflecting the influence society has on it??
And its expectations of women?? And how it has changed?? , this is seen through the eyes of a male artist? Sydney’s latest Art Exhibition at The Glass Gallery of NSW is said to feature works dating back to 1445, focusing on the key theme words? of Time &space, body and senses…?
– expectations of women  during the different ages?
images that women have of themselves have changed
what women want, has changed through the ages?
A CALEBRATION OF THE FEMALE BODY AND HOWS ITS BEEN PORTRAYED THROUGH THE AGES? / AND HOW, Even though nudity is not acceptable in day to day life, it can be appreciated- nudity, sexuality and senses/ gaze
– during that time- women weren’t seen that way- inequalities between the sexes that still exist and are poertrayed throughout artwork
–    successes that women have had have been portrayed
–    sexuality, the use of technology
religion- and our changing views on it – god says women must obey man
pull away from religion

Its almost like a timeline of  female artworks throughout the ages… CELEBRATION OF WOMEN?