Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy

Write three to four (3-4) new pages that address the following: Define presidential doctrine and summarize the regional or global events during the Cold War leading up to the formation of the presidential doctrine you wrote about in Assignment 1. Select one country you wrote about in Assignment 1 and describe the Cold War relationship that existed between the country you selected and the U.S. before the presidential doctrine was announced. Describe the relationship that currently exists between the U.S. and the country you selected in section (2) above. Describe the effect that the presidential doctrine has had on regional or global affairs since it was announced during the Cold War. Assess whether the presidential doctrine you wrote about in Assignment 1 had had the intended effect of altering the behavior of the country you selected in section (2) above in the time since the doctrine was first announced. Cite at least four (4) reputable sources in addition to the textbook, not including Wikipedia, encyclopedias, or dictionaries. To help you understand this assignment further, the following description and examples may be useful. Step 1: Define a doctrine and identify why a president would want to announce one. A doctrine is an ideological platform that a president uses to advance a policy towards a country or region in order to accomplish foreign policy goals for the United States, so you will need to expand on this theme. Refer back to Assignment 1 and build on whatever doctrine you wrote about then. Say, for example, you selected the Truman Doctrine