Current Events Journal during the period of (between August and December 2015)

20 Current Events Journal during the period of (between August and December 2015)

Current Events Journal – 33%

You are expected to read 20 articles on any topic in health care; they do not have to fall under the topics we read for class. For each article you read, you should include the following in your journal:

Journal number (e.g. Journal Entry #1, Journal Entry #12)
Date of publication
Name of article
Author of the article (if there is no author, say so)
Source (i.e. the publisher of the article, such as the newspaper (e.g. New York Times) or website (
4-6 sentences summarizing the article in your own words
4-6 sentences stating one or more of the ethical issues involved
Articles that are missing any of the above information will not receive credit.

To help you determine what ethical issues are in the article, review the readings for topic 1. Possible ethical issues to address include:

Justice (e.g. allocation of resources, fair treatment of people, etc.)
Informed consent
Paternalism and protection

Your journal entries should be typed (single-spaced) and all saved in the same Word document. You should not submit the articles you read. All articles should be published during the current semester (between August and December 2015). Articles that fall outside the time of the course will not be counted (such as for example reprints of older op-ed pieces available on the web.) You should use at least five different sources for your articles. Although you are welcome to use articles you find online, be sure you’re collecting articles from a news source that is widely regarded as credible. If you are struggling to find articles, I recommend checking out some of these online sources:

National Public Radio
British Broadcasting Corporation
New York Times (or any other reputable newspaper)
CNN (or any other reputable news website)
The Hasting Center Report
Journal of Medical Ethics
Journal of the American Medical Association
Web MD
Medical News Today
Science Daily Bioethics News

In addition to your 20 article write-ups, you are expected to write a 400-500 word essay in which you reflect on the relevance of these issues for you personally and/or professionally. Also, think about what themes you saw running through many of the articles. Lastly, reflect on what you learned from doing this assignment. To be clear, this essay is a single reflection essay; you should not write a reflection essay for each article. Save this reflection essay in the same document as all of your article entries so that it is the first thing I see when I open this document (meaning it should come before all the articles entries). To be clear, your reflection and all your journal entries should be in one document. Make sure to include your name at the beginning of the document.