Current song and earlier song after 50 years

Imagine yourself 50 years in the future. Choose a song that you think you will remember as being particularly meaningful from this current time period in your life, and another song for an earlier time of your childhood or adolescence. They can be songs that you especially enjoyed or identified with, or songs that you associate with an important memory, place, time or person/people, but the point is to imagine 2 songs with which you have already formed a strong connection of memory and emotion, one song related to this current phase of your life and another from a past period.

For each song, write a paragraph explaining briefly why the song is (or was) particularly meaningful for you, and also what you think those meanings have to do with its sonic qualities, meaning its sounds, not only its lyric content. In other words, in addition to telling us why the song matters for you, try to connect that emotional experience of the song with the way it sounds, much like last week’s discussion on vocal timbre but here extending to any other quality of the music (harmony, melody, rhythm, or any aspect you find distinctive).

Label the 2 paragraphs as “Current song” and “Earlier song,” and provide a link to each song if possible. Also, please do not attack anyone else’s choices or feel at all embarrassed about your own! We each experience music in different ways, and because this discussion is about your own subjective relationship with music, any response or choice is valid as long as it reflects careful thought.