: Curriculum Based Assessment Design

Summative Assignment: Curriculum Based Assessment Design

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Using what you’ve learned from Chapters Six and Eight from Lefrançois as well as other resources along the way, develop a curriculum based assessment (CBA) centered on
one of your two instructional plans from Weeks Three and Four.
Part 1: Provide a Pre-Assessment Description (One-to two-pages).
Use these prompts to guide your exploration of what occurred BEFORE the summative assessment.
State measurable and observable objectives (what you wanted students to learn).
Describe how you knew learning occurred prior to summative assessment.
Describe the instructional strategies used to prepare students for the summative assessment (from your previous instructional plan in either Weeks Three or Four).
Explain adjustments you made or should have made to your instruction to ensure mastery of learning objectives.
Describe how the use of technology contributed to student preparation for the summative assessment or how it will be added to and contribute to the summative
assessment here.
Part 2: Design an easily accessible summative assessment (Approximately two to three pages)
Identify the grade level and subject matter and a measurable unit objective(s) and align with the stated standard as prescribed in the original instructional plan from
either Week Three or Four and referenced from the Common Core State Standards Initiative
(Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
Create a minimum of six, no more than ten, problems/questions/tasks for students to complete that include a variety of test item types (selected response, short
answer, extended written response, and/or performance).
Label each question with its corresponding:
Objective(s) (if more than one is being assessed)
Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels (Note at least two different cognitive levels must be measured on this assessment.)
Define and discuss criteria for scoring extended response and performance items.
Part 3: Provide Assessment Reflection (One to two pages).
Define how you determined mastery.
Explain how you will accommodate or modify for the special population previously described in Week Four (two students with specific learning disabilities in reading
and math, one ADHD student, and one English language learner).
Describe how you will use the evidence collected.
Grading: You will submit a SINGLE document clearly labeled as Parts 1, 2, and 3. APA formatting will be followed, including the required cover and reference pages. You
must use a minimum of five scholarly resources, in addition to the course text. Your resources should include a combination of peer-reviewed articles and web-based
articles, and they must be cited in-text. You will be held accountable for each required subcomponent per part, viewable on the assignment rubric.