Curriculum Development In The Postmodern Era

write about your belief system and how has influenced, and will continue to influence, your curricular choices (the repertoire you choose, the ways in which you organize a class or private music lessons, the support you anticipate from parents/caregivers, and so forth). Over the years, where have you experienced conflict? Where have you come to some resolution? In what ways have you experienced marginalization because of your belief system? How have major world events (9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Indonesian Tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Sichuan earthquake, school shootings, presidency of Barak Obama, presidency of Xi Jinping, child soldiers in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Somalia, and Uganda, creation of the EU and Brexit, Syrian refugees, and on and on…) influenced your belief system?

proselytize, or to convince one another of the “correctness” of our beliefs. Instead, our task is to gain more self-awareness about how our beliefs are always operating, and to consider how the belief system upon which a music curriculum rests both invites and alienates students. To those ends, it would be preferable for you to complete this assignment using words. They may be used in a creative or poetic format, and we acknowledge that there may be some idiomatic expressions from one language that do not fully translate into another.