Curriculum Evaluation

A. Provide a series of lesson plans that form a muitiday unit plan for your instructional setting that includes
and identifies the following components:

  • objectives

« description of the content

  • recommended instructional strategies
  • assessment strategies
  1. Discuss the relevance of the unit plan’s learning objectives to your instructional setting.

B. Describe a weak area in the curriculum content of the unit plan.

  1. Recommend a change to strengthen the area described in part B and justify how this change would
    improve the overall curriculum content of the unit.

C. Describe a weak instructional strategy in the unit pian.

  1. Recommend a change to the instructional strategy described in part C and justify how this change would
    assist all students in meeting the learning objectives.

After incorporating the recommended changes you provided in parts B and C, teach a sample lesson from
the unit plan in your instructional setting or review the entire unit plan with a professional colleague. Then
do the following:

D. Reflect on how effective your recommended changes from parts B and C were in addressing a wide
variety of issues or challenges (such as issues or challenges related to curricular content, instructional
delivery, classroom management, etc.) in your instructional setting.