Curriculum Mapping

Faculty have many responsibilities when developing a new curriculum. According to Miller and Neyer (2016), curriculum mapping is helpful in a variety of ways as it helps visualize student learning at the program level and allows faculty to see where topics are taught across the curriculum. This helps identify gaps or redundancies, and assists in aligning leaming outcomes (Archambault 8, Masunaga, 2015). It is also vital in aiding the sequencing of content and courses.
For this discussion, describe your thoughts and experiences with curriculum mapping. Go to the Web to find and view a nursing curriculum map or use one from your institution. Provide the example map or a link to it in the discussion area. Reflect about the helpfulness of curriculum mapping. Are there other options that would allow you to accomplish the same outcomes as a curriculum map, Reference at least one peer-reviewed article describing program or curricular mapping in your post.