Customer Behavior

THE QUESTIONS (100 marks, 50 marks each)
Question One: Developing strategic recommendations based on consumer behaviour theories
Coles, a prominent grocery store in Australia is considering having a Nationwide Easter sale at
each of their stores. They have come to you to see if you approve/disapprove of this idea
Take a position on whether this is a good idea or a bad idea and explain why utilizing consumer
behaviour theories.
In addition, as part of your answer you should also consider:
Whether you would expect any differences between religious Christian Australians, more
secular/non-Christian Australians, and/or passionate atheist Australians. Explain why.
Whether, Liquorland, which is a liquor store owned by Coles (and is often placed near Coles)
should also have the same Easter Sale. Explain why.

Question Two: Taking a position on the strategic decisions of brands
Advertisers are very cautious about advertising on Youtube and sponsoring up-and-coming online
‘Influencers’. Indeed, in what has been nicknamed ‘adpocalypse’ (and adpocalypse 2.0, etc.)
many prominent brands withdrew from Youtube as they worried being associated with the content
(See NYT articles below for more context).
Explain the underlying processes of why these brands are cautious / why they made the decision to
remove their advertising from Youtube.
Then take a position on whether you think this was the right decision to make (from a business,
profit-maximizing point of view), whether it was overcompensating, and whether/why some
brands might not care. Defend your position.