Cyanosis is easily detected under bright sodium street lamps

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With respect to vision Select one: a. cyanosis is easily detected under bright sodium street lamps. b. People with red/green colour blindness have an icreased chance of rear end collisions in vehicle accidents. c. colour blindness is a sex-linked abnormality associated with rod distribution. d. the retina is arranged from outside to inside: Nerve, Vessel, Basement Membrane, Rods and Cones e. In the flight response mydriasis produces an improvement in visual acuity. What reference supports your answer When using a stethoscope Select one: a. it is difficult to use a stethoscope at an accident scene because compressor vibration is preferentially transmitted via bony conduction b. High pitch sounds are better appreciated by using the bell c. soft lung sounds are often heard better through a shirt d. the earpieces should be angled posteriorly to align with the external auditory canal e. the volume of the sound is not amplified What reference supports your choice?