Cyber Romance

Cyber Romance

Here’s our first Discussion Question for the week:

We hear about it all the time, see the commercials, and even hear about friends who have tried it. Cyber-Romance is moving beyond the novelty of finding a compatible date online to meet in the real world and see if sparks fly. Oftentimes people meet through chat rooms, blogs, and even virtual settings like Second Life to begin an entirely “virtual” romance. HBO is even made a special documentary entitled WHEN STRANGERS CLICK; previews and info can be found here at:

So even though Valentines Day has barely passed, let’s rush headlong into love. Let’s consider how our technologies can connect us with romance, bring romance into people’s lives who might not easily be able to find it, and let’s even mull whether the idea of a Cyber Romance is even Authentic.

The Prompt:

Let’s consider the wonder and authenticity of using our computers to connect us with love. Do online dating services seem a viable option for those who do not want to go on blind date after blind date, searching for the right mate? Do you feel a couple can have an entirely “virtual” relationship that gives all of the emotional and mental satisfaction of a real relationship, despite not ever physically meeting up? This is a great opportunity to get a nice conversation going among virtual friends of ENG102 who have been talking to each other for weeks now. Wait a second: are our friendships even authentic if we’ve never met physically, let along those who use other forums similar to ours for fueling romance?

Please write in essay style, with a persuasive thesis statement that begins the essay. Please write 300 words directly into the text field and do not add any attachments.
Task 2

DQ: 7 Visual Arguments
Hi class,

This Discussion Question gives you a chance to do some critical thinking and dig up some good things to discuss that go along with your Chapter 5 reading in READ, REASON, WRITE. This DQ is based on some of the prompts from the chapter.

Analyze a “visual text” that you find in a magazine, newspaper, or website. This can be a photograph that accompanies an article or a photo used as part of advertising. Think of the image as you would a written argument that is trying to persuade you to do something, or think a certain way. Write a brief essay where you identify the “rhetorical context” of the image and respond to the following:

1. Who is the Target Audience?
2. What are the claims made in the image?
3. What shared history or cultural assumptions–or warrants–does the image make?
4. What is the supporting evidence?

This is a fun exercise, as well as a nice creative way to review argumentation, where we take a look at a visual image and apply what we’ve been studying in terms of Argument and, in this case specifically, Rhetorical Analysis. If the image or materials from the ad campaign are digital and it doesn’t take much effort, attach a file to your discussion posting that others can see when they look at your responses.

Please write in essay style, with a persuasive thesis statement that begins the essay. Please write 300 words directly into the text field.

Task 3

Response Instructions:

By the due date, please respond/reply to a minimum of one student response postings  this week. Feel free to agree or disagree, but be sure to remain respectful, building on ideas presented.

Follow-up posts must be at least 75 words. Please remember that Substantive responses go beyond “I agree” or “I see your point.” They contribute significantly to furthering the discussion that is taking place.
Student 1
Online dating services have been scrutinized for safety, reliability, and stability. However, when I consider the variables I often find myself siding with the idea that online dating services and dating sites can be reliable, if used correctly of course. If I could define correctly it would be using consideration and pondering over the implications of the conversations that you have with other human beings. A big reason why I believe it would work is because when people fall in love they often find themselves more in love with the personality than the body because at the end of the day if somebody has a good body it is only a bonus to their persona. Also, when people are only concerned about the physical many people start to question their own desires to actually be in a commited relationship.

Couples can have a virtual relationship, but I believe at some point both persons would desire to meet in person because of the curiousity about how the other would be. However, I do believe that virtual relationships can last forever if both people in the relationship are commited to really giving to the relationship. Never meeting in a person can arouse suspicion in someone who is insecure but if there is no just reason to be insecure in the relationship than everything can go on as the couple desire. As I mentioned before, beauty is “only skin deep” and therefore if people do not get the opportunity to met in person it would be alright because it is ultimately their personality that keeps the relationship alive.

Authenticity does not mean that the person has been verified in every single aspect of lust and vanity. However, it does mean that they have been verified through a process of consideration and show that they have productivie qualities about them and that they are reliable.
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Task 4

Response Instructions:

Please respond to at least one student answer to this DQ this week. Follow-up posts must be at least 75 words. Please remember that Substantive responses go beyond “I agree” or “I see your point.” They contribute significantly to furthering the discussion that is taking place.
Student 2
The Lokai bracelet was created by Steven Izen, who started this company in memory of his grandfather, who passed away. To advertise the bracelet, Izen uses a picture of what is generally a ying-yang sign in a different form. The message shows images from Mt. Everest and the Dead Sea. At the corners, depending on what photo you are looking at, says: “Sometimes you’re on top. Stay Humble. Sometimes you’ve hit a low. Stay Hopeful.”  Izen has created this image to represent that the bracelet itself carries water from Mount Everest and mud from the Dead Sea in the bracelet, which represents life’s circular journey.

The audience is aimed to everyone, with a biased opinion, most likely college students trying to find their way. Or rather, anyone who is having trouble and is lost who needs guidance—that needs a piece of hope that can keep that individual going.

Life is not always fair, so therefore there are always high points in our life where we feel that we are on top of the world, and low moments in our life that we have to go through. This image makes a claim of value. That life is not always what we make it out to be—that there is more to our world than our own views on it; that we need to step outside of our comfort zone to realize this.

The cultural assumptions that every culture in some way is the same, that although we are all different, we each have a story to tell, a story that wants to be heard about our life. The evidence lives within each human being. Sometimes in life people feel like they are not top of the world, but sometimes people feel like that they have hit a low. It is important to stay humble, but more importantly, to stay hopeful in trying times.
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