CYC 802 Philosophy of Practice Instruction

CYC 802 Philosophy of Practice Instruction;

For this assignment students will choose one of the topics listed below and conduct a review of current literature relevant to the chosen topic and to children/adolescents and trauma.  It is essential for this assignment that the most current, up to date literature (regarding the chosen topic, and children and trauma, be reviewed).
Outline your own framework in working with the trauma in this context. Consider ways that your beliefs, values, and assumptions guide how you will work with individuals, groups and/or communities in this context.

This paper should be written in APA style and must not exceed 4 double-spaced pages excluding attachments (e.g. newspaper articles, excerpts from magazines), title page and reference pages.  This paper requires a minimum of 6 journal articles not including the course readings. It is expected that course readings will also be integrated throughout this assignment. Please use headings to organize your paper.
Page length:              4 pages (excluding references), double-spaced
References:            minimum 6 journal articles (course reading not included)
Topics for Assignment #3

1)  Child Abuse Images Online
2)  Intergenerational trauma (multigenerational)
3)  Children Witnessing Interpersonal Violence
4)  School Violence
5)  Community Violence
6)  Children and War
7)  Children and Natural Disaster (e.g., tsunami, hurricane, flood, earthquake)

Criteria for evaluation of Assignment #3 will include:

1) Understanding of theory: Assessment of your ability to make the links between the chosen topic and the trauma concepts discussed in the course.

2) Self-reflection: Assessment of your ability to examine your own values, beliefs and assumptions critically and to show a high level of personal engagement with course materials.

3) Application to practice: Assessment of your ability to consider practice applications


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