Data analysis

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Data analysis

. A Business Week North America subscriber study collected data from a sample of 2861 subscribers. Fifty -nine
percent of the repsondents indicated an annual income of $75000 or more, and 50% reported having an Amercian
Express credit card.
a. What is tk^ “npluation of interest in this study?
b. Is annual income a qualitative or quantitative variable?
c. Is ownership of American Express card a qualitative or quantitative variable?

In the fall of 2003, Arnold Schwazengger challenged governor Gray Davis for the governership of California. A policy Institute of California survey of registered voters reported Arnold Schwazengger in the lead with an estimated 54% of the vote. k what was the population in this study? B. What was the sample for this study C. why a sample was used in this situation? Explain 9 )0 Dl 02

. The Commerce Department reported receiving the following applicatis for the Malcolm Baldrige Nationa (18.. Award: 23 from large manufacturring firms, 18 from large service firms, and 30 from small businesses.
Is the type of business a qualitative or quantitive variable?

2. Management Report of Marriot Hotel

Examining and evaluating the macro environment, stating specific examples of how these factors influence/impact upon the business operations of your chosen organisation. State and examine the capabilities (resources and competences) of the organisation. Examine and evaluate the industry through Porter’s Five Forces model. Examie and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.Examine and evaluate the opportunities and threats within the market place (this links directly to the macro environmental factors).