Data Analysis and Theory Building

1- Data Analysis Write a description of data analysis methods (2 pages). For the data analysis method discussion, please include the following:
• Discuss and justify your coding techniques with your research questions. • Discuss the strengths of your coding techniques • Discuss the limitations of your coding techniques • Develop a table for coding categories for the pilot study data o A table for coding categories contains types of open coding categories, definitions and examples based on your research questions. • Calculate Inter-coder reliability. You can ask one of your classmates to serve as another coder for your data analysis. • Try to use NVivo to code your pilot study data or sample data. Optional.
2- Theory Building Write a description of your theory building process (2 pages). For your theory building discussion, please include the following: Describe your grounded theory methodology step by step. Develop a theory for your research topic based on the analysis of the results of the pilot study and expected results. o Please provide a diagram and associated discussion to illustrate the theory. specify the following:
A central phenomenon (or central categories) – results from open coding, holds the most conceptual
interest, and is most frequently discussed by participants

Causal conditions that cause or influence the central phenomenon to occur Specific strategies or actions that result from phenomena The context – the particular set of conditions within which the strategies occur (specific in nature) Intervening conditions – broader conditions (broader than context) that influence the strategies (political,
social, economic, etc.)
Consequence Discuss what needs to be done the next step in order to build a theory if your research questions do not offer all the data for theory building