Data Collection Analysis


Data can be collected in a variety of ways- This assignment focuses on the use of an
observational study, which we use every day but not necessarily in a conscious way
as part of a predetermined evaluation process- The first part of the Observational
Studies and Experiments video provides some insights into conducting an
observational study-



We casually use observational data routinely in ct: day-to-day personal decision-
making- rt involves basing decisions on what we have observed- But what about a
formal observational study? can it provide the type of data necessary to facilitate
effective decision-making?



1- Design and conduct a simple observational study to consider the questions brought
up in the theory section above-

a- In a 3-4 page paper-

i- Summarize the observational study-

Evaluate the information collected-

iii- Research the positive and negative aspects of observational data-

iv- Correlate the information from you’ research to what you experienced as part of
you’ study-