Data Entry and “Findings” section

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conducting an action research study. I have included the introduction, literature review and most important of all the design and methods for background knowledge on my research study. I need to create bar graphs that show the results of the pre survey in the control classroom versus, the post survey (after intervention has been applied).

There are three major themes that are part of the action research study and are shown in the questions. The themes are Humanistic classroom strategies, culturally responsive and democratic classroom strategies. I was thinking of having the bar graphs that show the difference between the control classroom (Pre survey) and post survey under these major themes

Question 1= overall satisfaction in the classroom

Question 2 and 3= Humanistic classroom strategies

Question 4= Culturally responsive

Question 5= democratic classroom

So overall, there should be 4 different sections analized. I would like it to be clear to understand and colorful. Feel free to add charts that you think might be helpful to my research. You can send me a request to add more pages and I will accept it.

The second area of data analysis is the student check list. These are my 3 focus students. I measured the number of incidents/misbehavior. I would like to show a line graph that demonstrates the number of incidences throughout the weeks (There are 6 weeks)

The last section that I need evaluated is the qualitative data. These are my journal entries on days where I used intervention or on days that I noticed anything in particular. The professor would like me to create themes based on patterns I noticed throughout my observations recorded on my journal entries. More specifically keywords, codes and patterns that stood out. These could be included in the “Findings section”
1. Tables with words: to display how codes, coding, categories, and/or themes;
2. Concept map: to show relationships amongst codes, coding, categories, and themes;
3. Thematic organizer: to display relationships among codes, coding, categories, and themes around particular issues;
4. Snake chart: to summarize the steps and show the progress of the study;
5. …

I would also like the “Findings” section written out. I have included a sample of the “Findings” section. In the findings section I need to write the following
? In this section the candidate begins by restating the research question(s). The candidate describes in detail the data that answers the research question(s). Candidate explains what he/she found out from doing the research. Candidate clearly explains how she/he arrived at the findings and what the results were after the analysis of data. The candidate describes themes and patterns and uses illustrative examples. The candidate makes extensive use of tables, graphs, figures and artwork. Candidate is able to clearly articulate what he/she found from conducting the study and what the data tells about the research topic
? Summarize and present data you have analyzed;
? Use heading and subheadings to organize the themes;
? Some data can be demonstrated in tables, charts, figures, or other graphs; but ALWAYS provides a narrative description or explanation about them;
Provides exemplars for details to support and help illustrate your summaries, and/or tables, charts, figures, or other graphs

I will include several attachments. Included are the
-pre and post surveys for the bar graph
– Checklist for 3 focus sutdents for the line graph
– journal entries for the qualitative data analysis.
– action research study (Special focus on methods and design)
– Sample of Findings Section