Database Management Systems

• Topics for research reports will be available through Blackboard. Due dates for the reports are given in the Coverage Outline on page 6 of the Syllabus. The research reports should use single spacing, Times New Roman 12 font, 1” margins, with no cover page. Each report should clearly identify the name of the student, type of submission (i.e., Report 1, etc.), title, contain an abstract and use between 5 and 7 references, with full citation for each reference. References should be from reputable sources. References should not include the textbook, websites such as Wikipedia which describe the basic concepts, newspapers such as New York Times, Houston Chronicle, etc., and magazine sources such as PC Magazine, etc. Each report should contain between 7 and 10 pages of analysis and conclusions. No need to place the References in a separate page. Every report should have an Abstract, Introduction, Section subheadings, Conclusion, and References. The report should be written individually by each student and submitted via Blackboard. I will be using TurnItIn available via Blackboard for checking the originality of your writing. Match percentage of 20% and below is acceptable. Matches between 21% and 40% will result in a 10 point penalty. Matches exceeding 40% will be considered plagiarized. Plagiarism and will result in serious consequences such as a score of 0 for the report, including F grade for the course.