“Database Tutorial”

  1. Search in a journal database (e.g. PsycArticles or JSTOR) in the Fanshawe Digital Library to find ONE scholarly article related to any ONE of the following areas: Behaviourism, Humanistic Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, or Cognitive Psychology. (If needed, review “Database Tutorial” in week 4 module).
  2. In ONE sentence, summarize the main point of the article. Take time to make it as clear and concise as possible (to do this you need a good understanding of the material). This is more difficult than it sounds (leave out any specific details and just focus on the overall idea/message of the article). This should be in your own words and not taken verbatim from the abstract.
  3. Below, include a proper APA reference citation (if you use the citation generator in the database, be sure to double check that it is free of errors as per your APA guide, e.g. OWL Purdue or Fanshawe’s APA guide).