Decision Making

Chapter 12 discusses many aspects of problem solving and decision making, including
the differences between algorithms and heuristics.

Below are three clips (one from the Movie “21 one from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and
one from ” Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.




Use Cognitive Psychology In and Out of the Laboratory Kathleen M Galotti Chapter 12
identify which concepts and/or theories best fit with these clips, being sure to
specifically include information from the chapter to support your points. Also find at
least one research article summary from one of the following sources that addresses
problem solving (, htth/wwwpsychologicalscienceorg
lobserver – The Association for Psychological Science Observer, or htth/wwwapaorg
lmonitor/ – The APA Monitor on Psychology). Include a link to the summary and a brief
explanation of how it applies to problem solving or decision making.