Decision Making


Page 1:
Case name for outline :
Hopworks Urban Brewery

Link to case, i can upload screenshots if needed:

Below is a brief outline of one possible way you could approach this outline. I’ve left it very generic. Feel free to adapt the outline, but include the important pieces. Remember, this is an outline, not a full write-up (use bullet points not paragraphs).

Intro: What decision needed to be made in this case? (A few bullet points to introduce the overall case)

-The Decision was X.

  • This was primarily motivated by external environmental pressures
    o Pressure 1
    o Pressure 2
    o Pressure 3
  • This was also due to a few other reasons
    o Reason 1
    o Reason 2

-Some other decisions that were less important included, ABC

Decision-Making: What were the most important decision criteria that you identified? (Note 3-5 issues and a bullet point or two describing the issue in the case)

  • The most important issues were Alpha, Beta, Gamma
  • Alpha is a big deal
    o R1
    o R2
  • So is Beta
    o R1
    o R2
  • So is Gamma
  • R1
  • R2

Options: What are 2-3 options that are reasonable in this case? – A few bullet points arguing for pros/cons of these each
Two options were considered

  • Option 1
    o Pros include
    ▪ A, b, c
    o Cons include
    ▪ A, b, c
  • Option 2
    o Pros include
    ▪ A, b, c
    o Cons include
    ▪ A, b, c

-Option 3

Decision: What suggestion do you think? A few bullet points to justify why this is the right choice.
The best decision is Option 1

  • Using a weighted average it scores better when considering the main issues
    o See, here is a pretty table
  • We also used this other relevant decision making tool.
  • Overall, Alpha is the right decision because of ABC

Implementation: How should this be implemented?

  • Short term
    o Do thing 1
  • Medium term
    o Do things 2 and 3
  • Long term
    o Do things 4 and 5
  • Some other implementation things, or smaller decisions that could make the company better off:
    o Side Note 1
    o Side Note 2
  • How to know evaluate whether we made the right decision
    o At time X, check for Y


  • We considered these things
  • made this decision based on these criteria
  • This is what we think it will accomplish.

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First half page
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Refer to case screenshot again.

Case name:
Hopworks Urban Brewery

Please in half page give your feed back and comments about what you think were interesting in this case, any ideas, maybe something should have be done different, or not, etc .. The post should be conversational so that other people can respond to it ..

Second half Page please do the same things like the first half page.
Case names:
Greenwashing (make sure to watch the example ads).
Case Link:

Case name:
The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

Case Link:

Please read these two articles and respond with feedback in half page similar to the first half on the same page but different cases with links.

Cases feedbacks, comments .. etc will be on one same page half half. Please work on the second page first and post that as soon as you’re done .