“Deep Down: A Story from the Heart of Coal Country,”

watch on your own the following 58 min movie: “Deep Down: A Story from the Heart of
Coal Country,” available with Temple log in at https://temple-kanopystreamingcom.libproxy.temple.edu/
As you watch the movie, take notes and answer these questions – minimum 3 page, double space,
12 pt:
1. What is mountain top removal and what is its main purpose? (.5 page)
2. What are the different pro-coal mining and anti-coal mining arguments made throughout the
film? Name both the proponents and opponents of the coal mining industry, while also
indicating specific environmental ethics frameworks these entities use to express their views. Refer
to Land Ethics lecture. (1 page)
3. Discuss the externalities of coal mining mentioned over the course of the film. Is coal a
“cheap” source of energy? Be thoughtful and specific. (1 page)
4. Although the anti-coal activists in the film did not use this language specifically, explain what
might constitute environmental injustice in the context of coal mining in Eastern
Kentucky. Refer to Environmental Justice lecture. (.5 page)