Define the Problem


-Please follow Instructions. -Do not use patients or families for your audience. -875-Word paper. -APA format – 2 to 3 peer-reviewed APA reference page. -Please follow Grading Criteria. -Note: Each week will build on the one before. Topic should be broad and in-depth enough that you are able to gather and consider information for all assignments. -Refer to Research Foundation Worksheet–Research question at the end of paper.

• Instructions
This week’s assignment is to identify the focus of your project and anticipate the ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns that can or will arise. You may want to consider the work you did in the research course (PICO question) and/or the leadership course (topic and literature review) to guide your thinking on this assignment.
Define the problem.
• Identify the patient-centered problem/issue/topic and the setting it will impact.
Broadly outline your proposal to address the problem/issue/topic.
Summarize ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns.
Explain why you chose the topic.
Do not use patients or families for your audience.
Format your assignment as:
• 875-word paper
Use APA format for all assignments!