Delay in construction projects in Oil and Gas Industry

Construction projects in oil and gas industry experience delays in the completion date due to different reasons. The delays in projects completion have a huge influence on all parties of project. In addition,
The effect of delay as a phenomenon can be a destructive factor for all construction plans if it is not tackled properly. This dissertation aims to study main causes of delay in construction projects in oil and gas industry and classify them based on their importance and outcomes. All project stakeholders such as consultant, contactors, client, project managers, associated authorities; might be reason leading to project delays. Also, designer and user changes, weather, site conditions, late deliveries, economic conditions and increase in quantities might cause delay in projects as well.
In this research a qualitative approach will be used in order to analyze the data collected. I have uploaded for you the general outline in a file named ( Outline) required for the dissertation, please follow the uploaded outline. The sections in the outline are the main sections, you can add subsections as you find it convenient. I have also uploaded 1 (A graded) dissertation sample of previous student for your guide and reference, files named (A grade Sample). You have to do the study on a real construction project, but no need to state the name, location or any specific detail about the project, just get the data required for the study. 2- You have to apply a Qualitative analysis to the data collected. I hope I have given you all the required information to make it clear to you. Please feel free to write to me if you have any missing information or doubts about anything. I have to get an A grade in order to pass the program. Thank you, good luck. Best Regards.