Deliver a program for staff or patients.

Order Description

Choose an evidence based program used by consultants in a health care setting to deliver a program for staff or patients.

Imagine that you have been called on by a hospital or agency (your choice) and consider a scenario that would lead you to recommend the program you choose.

• Explain the problem you have been called on to consult
• Identify the program you choose to use
• Write a letter to the person who is consulting with you explaining your program, and also explaining other points in the entry process.
• Explain how you would implement the program (meetings, conferences, presentations, brochures, checklists, quizzes, or other methods of your choice)
• identify the population you are serving and how you would handle diversity issues in the choice and delivery of your program.
• Develop a pre and post program questionnaire to evaluate the needs of the agency and the impact of the program
• Describe your exit strategy