Deliverable Length: 200–300 words

Deliverable Length: 200–300 words

In this class, you will develop a research proposal based on a business, organizational problem, or topic that you want to explore. If you need help in finding a problem to explore, check the following Web sites for help in brainstorming an organizational issue:

History of quality management Web site
Total quality management information Web site
Types of Research:

Utilizing the CTU Library, locate one peer reviewed journal article that reports the findings of a qualitative study and one that reports the findings of a quantitative study (you will need to cite both in your response).

Discuss the following:

Explain the differences between the two research approaches.
Explain why each researcher chose the correct research approach (quantitative or qualitative) for their particular research question.
How would you determine what strategy to use for a research project?
Provide citations and references for your articles in accordance with APA guidelines.