Demonstrate understanding of risk management framework and Identification Strategies

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Congratulations, you have been assigned to develop the Project Management Office (PMO) for your organisation (PJM6030). As part of your project management planning, you are to develop the Project Risk Management for setting up the PMO. Risk is about uncertainty that will affect your project. If you identified a framework to address that uncertainty, then you effectively manage the risk of your project. This means that means you can confidently to achieve your project goals. By identifying and managing a comprehensive list of project risks, surprises and constraints can be condensed and golden opportunities discovered. The risk management process also helps to resolve problems when they occur, because those problems have been predicted, and plans to treat them have already been developed and agreed upon as part of the risk management plan. You avoid spontaneous reactions and “firefighting” mode to resolve complications that could have been anticipated for the project. Based on the above Case Study, you are to “Demonstrate understanding of Risk Identification Strategies” that you will be adopting for the PMO project. Thus, you MUST complete the following tasks :- 1. Project Overview (not more than 50 words) 2. Research and identify at least 3-5 relevant analytical techniques for identifying risks for the PMO project. You must provide justifications for each of the technique in relation to the case study. 3. Research and analyse at least 3-5 risk identification tools that you will adopt for your organisation.