Describing abnormal changes in tissue relate to malignancies

  1. How does describing abnormal changes in tissue relate to malignancies?
  2. How do we communicate location on the human body, and why is it not feasible to simply use the terms “up/down” and “above/below”?
  3. The terms intradermal, subcutaneous, and percutaneous have similar meanings and relate to routes of administration. What effect might there be if the incorrect term was recorded on a doctor’s order?
  4. What happens to the skin when it is burned? How does this response depend on the severity of the burn? Does this differ with pressure ulcers?
  5. Why can a biopsy be both a diagnostic procedure and a treatment?
  6. Given that the skeleton is made of bones that support the body, the muscles are responsible for movement, and the joints are where bones articulate, where do you think most of the medical terms for musculoskeletal pathologies are located? Remember that pathology is a result of dysfunction of a body system. Can you think of any examples from what you currently know?
  7. How can an individual’s lifestyle affect his or her musculoskeletal system? Discuss how this has different sequelae at different times in one’s life?