Deservingness vs. Undeservingness

Social work practice (at the individual, community, or policy-level) focuses on addressing social problems (e.g. homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, poverty, etc.). What is the social problem that your field placement agency focuses on? How does your agency think about the causes of this problem? How does this compare to how these social problems are defined and viewed by society at large? Reflect on how the issue of deservingness vs. undeservingness is considered in your field placement with regards to the social problem you identified above.
For each question, you should begin by drawing a typical market demand curve for McDonald’s hamburgers. For each question, you must both explain your answer verbally and illustrate your answer graphically. Label the axes of your graph and label or otherwise identify the curve(s) in your graph. If you use abbreviations, state what the abbreviations mean. Each question is independent of the others and assumes “other things being equal.”
For each of Bl, B2, B3, your answer should include the following statements: (a) the demand curve to which the result pertains (it is: “the demand curve for McDonald’s hamburgers”). (b) whether the result involves “a movement along” the demand curve or “a shift in” the demand curve. (c) specification of the direction of the “movement along” or “shift.” (d) why the “moving along” or “shift” occurs.