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Medical Radiography

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find three professional organizations in the field of medical imaging. research the history of the organizations
research the contributions of the organizations you selected’
consider your future as a radiographer
do you believe in continuous lifelong learning in your field?
consider the ways in which these professional organizations may help you achieve your carrer goals
consider what it means to be a professional and then discuss those attributes that you possess that would tend to make you successful as medical imaging professional.
consider the support and history of the professional organizations you studied, describe each organization and their history an relevance to the field. how do they
serve you as a student? as a professional? do they provide a service at all to the public? if so , how?
Reflect on what you have learned and answer the following:
would you consider contributing to these organizations now or in the future?
can you think of one or two ways in which you could contribute either as a student or a technolofist to at least one professional organization?
identify an organization you are interested in contributing to and discuss how you might contribute, and who would benefit from your contribution.